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What do you do?

Interior architecture and lighting design is our profession and passion. We create environments that are light-filled, joyful, practical, and human. We describe our work with the word “interiorize”.

What is interior architecture?

Interior architecture deals with the three-dimensional aspects of space that affect how a person moves through and perceives an environment. This includes the space plan and placement of walls, the shape and configuration of ceiling elements, the use of natural and artificial light to shape the perception of space, casework and built-in elements, and the finishes and surface treatments.

What is lighting design?

Professional lighting design is a blend of art and science, with technical expertise required to understand the electrical systems, controls, energy impact and lamp function along with an intuitive understanding of how to paint with light.  Professional lighting design incorporates function, daylighting, energy and environmental considerations, aesthetics and behavioral effects. We rely on years of technical experience and passion to create lighting designs that respond to all five of these elements in a way that suits the project and client.

Do you design
the outside of

We believe a building should be designed so the interior and exterior are cohesive, which is why we are licensed in both architecture and interior design. However, the average American spends less than one hour a day outside. As a result, the majority of people’s experiences with buildings occur at the interior, so we are most inspired to focus on the portion of the building where we achieve the greatest impact on people’s perception of the environment.

British architect Christopher Day observes, “Because the inside space, activities and qualities of a building and the outside surfaces and appearance are interrelated, the whole building and all the activities it generates need to be involved in this great conversation.”
Do you specialize
in residential or commercial projects?
We do both. We focus on working with the right clients. Any project can be enjoyable for both architect and client if the relationship is a good one. Our priority is creating spaces that exceed our client’s expectations and have a positive effect on all who experience them.
Where do you practice? Our practice is based in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains between Denver and Boulder, but we do work nationwide. We have worked extensively throughout New England, the mountain west, the southwest and Texas. Contact us to discuss your project, wherever it may be.
What services
do you offer?

3i Design offers a full complement of interior architecture and lighting design services, from analysis of different properties through construction and occupancy. Services include but are not limited to the following:

Interior Architecture and Design

  • Programming: property evaluation, facility surveys, client questionnaires, user group meetings
  • Conceptual Design: Preliminary plans, elevations, sections, material selections, budgets for review
  • Design Development and Construction Documents: plans, elevations, sections, interior systems, and material specifications that may be used for bid, cost estimating, or construction
  • Bid and Construction: contractor selection assistance, bid negotiation, shop drawings and submittal review, site visits, and consultant coordination
  • LEED documentation for interiors
  • Custom Cabinets and Trim: casework and millwork design and specification
  • Finishes: specification of floor, ceiling and wall treatments and patterns
  • Furnishings: selection, specification, and installation coordination of furniture, window treatments, signage, accessories and art

Lighting Design

  • Existing lighting conditions evaluation
  • Energy usage and code analysis
  • Interior and exterior calculations
  • LEED calculations and documentation for lighting
  • Architectural and decorative lighting fixture plans
  • Architectural and decorative lighting fixture specifications
  • Lamping plans and lamp specifications
  • Controls plans and specifications
  • Daylighting analysis
  • Final drawings for bid or construction
  • Construction phase services including site visits and project meetings, submittal review, and coordination with team members
Please contact us to discuss your project and find out what we can do for you.

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